You will enjoy your evening with Rond't'vuur.

Enjoy the warmth and the light of the enchanting flames.

Enjoy the wonderful light show from candlelight.

Rond't'vuur is handmade from the sustainable Weathering steel.

This steel is weatherproof and can stay outdoors all year round.

Unique! A handmade Rond't'vuur creates an artistic touch to your garden.

Turn it into different positions for a wood fire, or upside down with a candle underneath.

The separate foot and the protective plate on the inside also contain the heath to the surface underneath Rond't'vuur.

Durable! Rond't'vuur is made from 3-millimetre-thick Weathering steel.

This type of steel has a high corrosive persistence and mechanic resistance.

The rust creates a patina layer and attaches itself like a protective layer on the steel.

Because of this the steel doesn’t corrode any further.

Rond't'vuur has a 62-centimetre diameter and a height of 50 centimetre.

The globular construction has some valuable qualities.

The spherical construction protects the fire from the wind, so the smoke is blown less sideways.

The openings give oxygen so the fire can create beautiful flames.

After a nice spattering the splashes of wood are mainly contained in Rond't'vuur. Unique!

It is made from various plates of Weathering stee, these are repeated in a different way! Every Rond't'vuur is unique!

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